We've Gone Green

We have raised the required $70,000 to AstroTurf the tennis courts and put up a wind break and the worked has been completed this week, with our new playing surface ready for action!

Thank you to all who supported and fundraised, not to mention the vast amount of effort in petitioning councils, planting trees, coaching kids, organising social events and much, much more. The great news is because of all this effort we are now in the position to deliver a wonderful community facility.

Although this does not include everyone, here is a quick shout out to those who helped get this job done.

Firstly, a HUGE thank you to the sponsors who came when called, these guys stand up for the local community in a BIG way so please, support them where you can

Matakana Cinemas

Bayleys in the North Middleton Holland

The Sawmill Brewery The Little Digger Company Omaha Storage

Thank you to the Matakana Community Group for the first fundraiser in 2014, and for their significant help providing the final sum to get this job done.

Pete Freckelton and Mike Petre, for the original 500 signatures and blueprint for petitioning council to reestablish the courts, thank you.

Rodney Local Board for approving the spend to reestablish the courts.

All the coaches and parents who gave up their time last year to get the kids playing and Fisheye Films for getting the village involved in social tennis competitions, thank you.

The Founding Families and Members who invested in nothing but bitumen and the hope of things to come simply because you wanted to be a part of something great in our community. Your names will sit alongside the many trophies we win.

And lastly, to the Matakana Tennis Club Board for all the time and effort pulling this all together. A bigger job than we all realised!

Where to next? We’re so proud of the great facility we have so far been able to deliver for the Matakana community, but that is only half the story. The local primary school lacks any playing facilities and if we can get toilets, at a minimum, they too will be able to utilise this great space. But we’re aiming higher, with lighting and a universal clubhouse for all users of Jubilee Park.

Thank you one and all, from David, Dan, Georgie, Arlette, Maayke, Mai and Hugo the coach.